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URGENT** Revised Culminating Schedule – Bus Cancellations

Hello Parents and Students,

As you are aware, buses are cancelled again today. This affects period 4 culminating. Adjustments will be made to our schedule on Wednesday to allow for a longer period 4.
We will divide the morning into three equal periods (48 minutes) with a five-minute break between these periods. Period 4 will last all afternoon with the usual break at 12:53. Period 4 teachers will adjust culminating expectations to allow time for students to thoroughly complete task and for an exam review.

Period 1 – 8:15-9:03am
Period 2- 9:08-9:56am
Break- 9:56-10:01am
Period 3- 10:01-10:49am

Lunch 10:49-11:41am

Period 4- 11:41-12:53pm

Break- 12:53-1:03pm

Period 4-1:03pm-2:15pm.

Period 1/Week 1 exam will be written as scheduled Thursday, January 24th.

While at home, students are encouraged to use their time to study and review. When possible teachers have posted their exam reviews. In the case buses are cancelled tomorrow, a new plan will be communicated. Please note the school is open and students can attend to complete work.

Please do not hesitate to contact the school if you have any further questions or concerns.


Donna Koekkoek

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