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Dear Parents and Students,

As you are aware, buses are cancelled again today. High school exams will now start on Monday, January 28. The exam schedule is as follows:


Period 1 / Week 1 exam Monday, January 28 MORNING
Period 2/ Week 1 exam Tuesday, January 29 MORNING
Period 3/ Week 1 exam Wednesday, January 30 MORNING
Period 4/ Week 1 exam Wednesday, January 30 AFTERNOON
PD DAY Thursday, January 31
First day of Semester 2 Friday, February 1


Students are encouraged to check their class webpages and email where applicable for exam reviews and other course content to assist with exam preparation.

Tomorrow, Friday, January 25, we will run the Period 4 Culminating activity in the afternoon with shortened periods in the morning to allow students the opportunity to see their teachers for final course review.

Period 1 – 8:15-9:03am

Period 2- 9:08-9:56am
Break- 9:56-10:01am
Period 3- 10:01-10:49am

Lunch 10:49-11:41am

Period 4- 11:41-12:53pm

Break- 12:53-1:03pm

Period 4-1:03pm-2:15pm.


Please note the school is open and students can attend to complete work.

Please do not hesitate to contact the school if you have any further questions or concerns.

Thank-you for your patience and flexibility.



Donna Koekkoek


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