At Notre Dame Catholic  High School, the uniform is a source of pride and a builder of community.  By choosing to attend  Notre  Dame  Catholic High School, students and their parents have made a serious and long-term commitment to comply with the school uniform code.  In addition, we are committed to maintaining standards of modesty, neatness, cleanliness and good taste, which reflect the Catholic ideals, represented in our school. The wearing of a school uniform also contributes to the creation of a safe school environment.  Students are required to wear the prescribed school uniform throughout the school year, including examination days.  Students failing to conform to the uniform expectations cannot be admitted to class, and these students will be sent home for repeated uniform infractions.  Students are expected to arrive at school in uniform.


Notre Dame Dress Code

  1. Students are always to be in full uniform except for designated Dress Down Days.
  2. Students will wear black or beige McCarthy pants with white or black short or long sleeve ND embroidered shirts or sweaters.
  3. When socks are worn with the kilt or shorts, they must be white or black.  When stockings/leggings are worn with the kilt, they must be white, black or skin toned.  Dress shoes are recommended with the kilt.
  4. During the school day, coats, jackets and non-uniform sweaters are to be stored in student lockers and not worn to class or in the atrium, cafeteria, library, hallways, etc.
  5. The only acceptable t-shirts to be worn under the Notre Dame shirt must be solid black, white or grey.  Undergarments must not be visible.
  6. All staff will monitor and enforce the uniform policy.  Staff will expect students to arrive to class in proper uniform and will address any student in non-uniform.
  7. Students may be given the privilege of borrowing an article of uniform clothing from the office when required.
  8. Accessories must be in keeping with the spirit of the uniform.  The following are unacceptable:  bandanas, colourful stockings or socks, wallet chains, or scarves.
  9. Students who are repeatedly out of uniform will be issued detentions and/or suspensions.
  10. Students are required to wear the uniform throughout the school year and on school excursions unless alternative attire is required or approved.
  11. On Dress Down Days, students are expected to wear appropriate casual clothing.  Appropriate language is expected on clothing.
  12. Hats will not be worn in the building during the school day.  Students are expected to remove their hats upon arrival to school in the morning.



  • Occasionally students have the privilege of dressing down. Students may wear jeans or casual pants that are not “too low-riding.”  Midriff skin or undergarments should not be visible when a student stands or sits. Shorts are permitted but must be at a finger tip length (no short shorts).
  • Tops must be short or long sleeved shirts that conceal midriff skin and undergarments. No thin strapped sleeveless tops are permitted. Girls may not wear low-cut necklines or extremely tight fitting shirts or tops. Shirts that have inappropriate language, pictures or symbols are prohibited.



Pants Black or Beige McCarthy’s RJM label required (Mandatory Wear). May substitute with McCarthy’s dress shorts
Shirt McCarthy’s White or Black Polo, Short Sleeve or Long Sleeve ND Embroidered (Mandatory Wear)
Sweater McCarthy’s Hooded top McCarthy’s Zip Polo McCarthy’s Crew Neck Sweater
Socks When socks are worn they must be solid White or Black

                                         WOMEN’S UNIFORM

Pants Black or Beige McCarthy’s RJM label  required (Mandatory Wear). May substitute with the X-Kilt or McCarthy’s dress shorts
X-Kilt/ Socks/Hosiery McCarthy’s ND  X-Kilt (must not be modified). Girls must wear the appropriate socks or nylons with the kilt.  When socks are worn they must be White knee high socks or solid Black tights or sheer nylons
Socks When socks are worn they must be solid White or Black
Shirt McCarthy’s White or Black Polo, Short Sleeve or Long Sleeve ND Embroidered (Mandatory Wear)
Sweater McCarthy’s Hooded top McCarthy’s Zip Polo McCarthy’s Crew Neck Sweater



All one day excursion field trips are part of the regular curriculum at Notre Dame Catholic High School.  Students must realize that, while on field trips, they are ambassadors of our school and must conduct themselves accordingly.  Thus, school uniforms are mandatory for school trips, unless otherwise permitted by the Principal. Overnight trips will be considered on a case by case basis.



In order to ensure uniformity, all uniform items must be purchased through R.J. McCarthy Ltd., the school’s sole supplier chosen through a comprehensive tendering process.  School uniform items, as outlined in the school uniform policy, must be purchased from the approved supplier.  The school approved supplier is R.J. McCarthy Ltd., located at 3250 Ridgeway Drive, Unit #8, Mississauga, ON (904-820-4520 or 1-800-668-8261) or you can order on-line at

For your convenience McCarthy’s uniform maybe purchased form our in school store, hours of operation are Tuesday from 11:00am to 3:00pm.  During store hours you may use Cash, VISA, Master Card or Interac.