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School Uniform Policy


At Notre Dame Catholic High School, the uniform is a source of pride and a builder of community. By choosing to attend Notre Dame Catholic High School, students and their parents have made a serious and long-term commitment to comply with the school uniform code.

Students are required to wear the prescribed school uniform throughout the school year, including examination days. Students failing to conform to the uniform expectations will not be admitted to class, and students will be sent home for repeated uniform infractions. Students are expected to arrive at school in uniform.


  1. Students are always to be in full uniform except for designated Dress Down Days. 
  2. Students will wear black or beige McCarthy pants with white or black short or long sleeve ND embroidered shirts or sweaters. 
  3. When stockings/ leggings are worn with the kilt, they must be white, black or skin toned. 
  4. During the school day, coats, jackets and non-uniform sweaters are to be stored in student lockers and not worn to class or in the atrium, cafeteria, library, hallways etc. 
  5. The only acceptable t-shirts or long-sleeved shirts to be worn under the Notre Dame shirt must be solid black, white or grey. 
  6. All staff will monitor and enforce the uniform policy. Staff will expect students to arrive to class in proper uniform and will address any student in non-uniform. 
  7. Students may be given the privilege of borrowing an article of uniform clothing from the office when required. 
  8. Students who are repeatedly out of uniform will be issued detentions and/or suspensions. 
  9. Students are required to wear the uniform throughout the school year and on school excursions unless alternative attire is required or approved. 
  10. On Dress Down Days, students are expected to wear appropriate casual clothing. Casual clothing must provide the appropriate coverage including midriffs, shoulders, undergarments, necklines etc. Only appropriate language on clothing will be accepted. 
  11. Hats will not be worn in the building during the school day. Students are expected to remove their hats upon arrival to school in the morning. 

Notre Dame Uniform Enforcement Policy

Notre Dame, like all secondary schools within the CDSBEO, is a uniform school. While on school property, all students are expected to be wearing uniform tops and bottoms. There are some changes to the enforcement of the school uniform policy effective September 2023 outlined below. Please review this and, as with all things, feel free to contact the school if you have any questions or require any clarification. We thank you for your cooperation in helping ensure proper dress code is adhered to. 

If a student arrives at school without a uniform, the following steps will be taken, in order, to assist the student in complying with the uniform policy: 

Step 1: 

Loaned Uniform 

The student will be provided with a clean uniform item, which will be returned at the end of the school day. 

We have a healthy supply of various sized uniforms that are washed and folded after each use. It is our hope that most/all uniform infractions can be promptly remedied through this intervention. 

Step 2: 

Parent/Guardian Drop-Off 

An available parent/guardian will be contacted to deliver a uniform to the school. 

The student will work in an alternate location within the school until a uniform is brought to the school, at which point they can return to their regular scheduled classroom(s). 

Step 3: 

Alternate Workspace  

(within the school) 

If, for any reason, the previous interventions are not successful in getting the student into uniform, that student will be provided an alternate workspace for the duration of the school day. 

Classwork will be provided for the student; however, this option will not adequately replace in-class learning. As a result, this will be offered as a one-time solution and not be an ongoing intervention strategy. 


* Uniform slips that previously excused students from wearing uniforms will no longer be issued * 

Parents/guardians will be notified in the event of a student needing to work in an alternate setting outside of the regular classroom as a result of a uniform infraction. Following this, frequent or ongoing uniform infractions may result in a student being sent home, lunchtime detention(s), and/or an in-person meeting with parents/guardians to discuss strategies to assist in ensuring compliance with the school’s uniform policy. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation in this regard.