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Athlete/Extra-Curricular Code of Conduct

Notre Dame Student Athlete/Extra-Curricular Code of Conduct 2023-2024

Each year, Notre Dame proudly organizes a variety of athletic teams, intramurals, and clubs. These programs allow students to immerse themselves in the fabric of the school, develop their interests, and build skills and establish friendships that will last long after they graduate from our school. These programs also allow students to represent our school in the broader community and showcase their talents. We are extremely proud of our Warrior teams and clubs and look forward to inviting as many students as possible to participate in them.

Participation in extra-curricular activities is a privilege and not a right. As such, we expect students to prioritize academics, class attendance, and to achieve success in their studies as a precursor to any involvement in extracurricular activities. Also, students who participate in these programs act as ambassadors for our school community, and we expect them to conduct themselves appropriately in their interactions with teammates, opponents, officials, volunteers, and all community members both on and off school property. Finally, when participating in extra-curricular activities, safety and commitment are paramount.

Therefore, participation in all extra-curricular activities is contingent on the following three standards:

  1. Students will maintain acceptable academic standards and attendance in all courses.
  2. Students will conduct themselves appropriately in their interactions with peers, staff, administration, and community members.
  3. Students will regularly attend practices/games/meetings and conduct themselves in a manner that prioritizes the safety of themselves and others at all times.


If a student fails to uphold the standards outlined above, that student may be prevented from participation for a period of time as determined by the coach, supervisor, and/or school administration.

Finally, many of these extra-curricular activities allow for friends and family to attend as spectators. Like the athletes/participants, all spectators are also expected to treat players/participants, coaches, officials, and volunteers with respect and courtesy at all times. We appreciate your cooperation in making sure these events are fun and enjoyable for all.