Food Program

Notre Dame provides food to its students who face food insecurity - a hungry child cannot learn effectively
  • snacks bins throughout the school
  • lunches for identified students
If you would like to request a lunch or know someone who would benefit from one, please contact the chaplain
If you would like to donate to the Food Program, please see the donation info below
Snack bins contain
  • meal food
    • bagels with cream cheese
    • sandwiches
  • fruit options
    • apples
    • apple sauce
    • oranges
    • banana
    • pineapple
    • melon
    • mango
  • other snacks
    • cheese strings
    • yogurt tubs
    • granola bars
    • cheese crackers
    • saltine crackers
    • goldfish
    • cheerios
Our food program is supported by
  • Breakfast Club of Canada
  • Mitchell's Independent
  • donations from staff and community members; to donate, please contact our Accounting Secretary, Karen Melville (x400)
    • staff and school families can donate through School Cash Online, either one-time or recurring
    • community members can donate by cheque